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A noun is a name. This name can be that of a living thing, a place, a thing or an idea.

Example: Vinod is a friendly boy. (Here, 'Vinod’ and ‘boy’ are both names of living beings)

I am standing on the road near India Gate. (Here, ‘road’ and ‘India Gate’ are both names of places)


In order to understand this concept in detail, please visit the Grammar Section in the Meritnation website.

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Noun is the name of person, a place, a thing and animal. All that exists has names and those names are called nouns. Giving you examples can let you understand and illustrate fully the meaning of a nouns or nouns. Below are the examples of nouns.

Grandfather, mother, doctor, Mary Jane, baby, London, river, San Juanico Bridge, notebook, computer, lotion, ball pen, keyboard, Carla, Jose, Rico, brother-in-law, etc.

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A noun is a word that names a person, animal, place, thing, idea, or concept

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