neon has got more atomic radius than flourine.How?

The noble gases have completely filled valence orbitals. As all the orbitals are completely occupied by electrons and their octet is complete, they exist as monoatomic gases and do not form bonds with other atoms. Therefore, the inter-electronic repulsion is the maximum in noble gases as all the orbitals are fully filled. 

The atomic radius of neon is greater than that of fluorine because neon is monoatomic and therefore has non-bonded Van der Waal radii whose values are very large. Nobel gases have Van der Waal radii and not covalent radii (unlike other non metals of the same period) and Van der Waal radii are larger than covalent radii.

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becuase atomic radius increses down the group and flourine lies in 2nd group and have 2 shells and neon lies in 3rd group and have 3 shells so it has larger atomic radius

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i dont think neon has more atomic radius than flourine coz atomic radius decreases along a period n both belong to same period(2) as Zeff increases along the period...i think there's som mistake in the question...

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