ncert book page no.25..non.profit it yourself...question no. 1...subscription to be credited to income and expenditure account. pls solve the problem and give answer in details

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We have already covered a similar question in our study material provided at our website through a dedicated video explaining the above concept. Also, we suggest you instead of posting a full fledged query, post us a carried out solution that can be checked by our experts.

Solution to your query:
Subscriptions received during the year:                        1,01,000 Add: Subscriptions received in Advance in Beginning:     5,000 Add:Subscriptions outstanding at the end:                     12,000 Less: Subscriptions outstanding in the Beginning:          (5,000) Less: Subscriptions received in Advance at the End:      (2,000)Subscriptions to shown in Income & Expenditure A/c    1,10,000 

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