My first funtown travel experience without parents. (150 words)

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. The town is beautiful because they have a lot of skyscrapers, transportation, and people.
. To travel alone is everyone's dream at a younger age.
. I could travel alone to my uncle's town alone. The place is so beautiful.
. The travel experience was really good.
. First I took a local bus to roam around the town.
. I got down near the famous Briyani hotel to have the food, The food was delicious.
. After that, I went to a park where I spend some time.
. By 5:00 Pm I took the bus to my uncles' house.

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I have always been an avid supporter of train journeys. My involvement with train journeys began in childhood. I live in Lucknow and from here I have undertaken many train journeys. Furthermore, since childhood, I have paid several visits to the hill station of Almora to meet my relatives. Almora is a hill station located in the state of Uttarakhand. Most noteworthy, Almora is situated in the Himalayan mountain region. Due to this, trains cannot travel directly to Almora. Consequently, Kathgodam is the last town station accessible by trains before the mountain range begins.

The trip from Lucknow to kathgodam is quite a lively experience. I have always ensured the reservation of my seats beforehand. So, my train journey begins from Lucknow railway station. As the train undergoes motion and leaves the Lucknow railway station, my excitement begins to rise. Moreover, as the train gathers speed, a thrilling feeling overtakes me.

My train journey from Lucknow to Kathgodam is probably 8-10 hours duration. However, I enjoy every minute of it in spite of the journey being so long. Furthermore, all along the journey, one can purchase items of food and drinks. I almost always purchase meals and refreshments at least twice in the journey.

When slumber overtakes me, I make use of the sleeping berth. I personally find sleeping on the train berth very comfortable. When I wake after a deep sleep, mountains are visible from a distance. Moreover, as the train approaches Kathgodam with menacing speed, the view of mountains gets bigger and bigger. Also, my amusement greatly rises as I see the Himalayas draw closer. Finally, as the train stops at Kathgodam, my delightful train journey comes to an end.

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