Mridu concludes that the beggar has no money to buy chappals because she had seen beggar's peeling blisters on the soles of his bare feet.  Is the underlined tense correct ?

please answer fast.

@Kaushiki, your friend Anshuman has correctly answered your query. It is past perfect tense.
A few examples to explain the same are:
-  I wasn’t hungry as I had just eaten;
-  When we arrived, the train had left;
-  I wondered if I had been there before;
-  Where had the children gone for their excursion trip?
Hope this helps!
@Anshuman, well done! Keep helping your fellow students!

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 It's past perfect continuous.

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Oh! I am sorry it's not past perfect continuous. It's past prefect tense and it's correct.

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 thank you mam for answering my question

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