Mention the various dimensions of business environment.

The following are the dimensions of business environment.

i. Economic Environment: It comprises of the economic variables such as interest rates, income, stock market indices that affect the functioning of the enterprises. For example, an increase in income affects the demand for goods and services of the enterprises.

ii. Social Environment: Social environment refers to the social forces such as customs, traditions, social values, social trend etc. For example, religious celebrations provide business opportunities to many enterprises such as those producing sweets, decoration items, etc. 

iii. Technological Environment: Technological environment includes technological changes and improvements. For example, introduction of computers, internet, new telecommunication facilities, etc. all affect the business enterprises. An improvement in the technology used in the manufacturing of a product provides new business opportunities for the enterprises while on the other hand, is a threat for the enterprises using obsolete technology.

iv. Legal Environment: It comprises of the legislation and rules passed by the government such as the Companies Act, Trade union Act, etc. These legislation govern how an enterprise functions and behaves. Knowledge of these legislation is essential for enterprises as their non-compliance can lead to legal trouble for them. 

v. Political Environment: Political conditions such as peace and stability, law and order compose political business environment. It directly affects the functioning of enterprises. For example, a situation of political unrest erodes confidence of the investors and thereby, makes it difficult for the enterprises to function smoothly.

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