mention the role of the Indian scientists in physics

There are lots of Indian scientist who have very important contribution in physics. For example

C V Raman invented raman effect, which brought a new field of identifying compound, which is called raman spectrum.
S N Bose have given a new theory for quantum spin zero particle or particle having integer spin like photon, which is called Bose-Einstein theory.
M N Saha given the theory of thermal ionisation known as Saha ionisation theory. This equation is one of the basic tools for interpretation of the spectra of stars in astrophysics.
S. Chandrashekhar invented the chandrashekhar limit, which is the theory on the later evolutionary stages of massive stars, including black holes.
J C Bose demonstrated that we can send signal using electromagnetic wave.
H J Bhaba contributed immensely to the nuclear science research and development of nuclear physics in india

There will be many more Indian scientist who have contributed in physics.

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Indian scientists have resulted in advanced technology and have made our life easy and comfortable .
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have u heard about names like CV  Raman Dr chandrasekhar Subhramanyam.If not then google it u will definitely come to know about the role of Indian scientists in physics and also google about higgs boson
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