Mention any two effects of Mahmud of Ghanzi's raids on India.

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Effects of Mahmud Ghazni’s invasions in India
  1. Sultan Mahmud made several expeditions into India and conquered a number of places. His best result was the conquest of the Punjab.
  2. Though he conquered many places only a few of them were annexed to his empire Ghazni
  3.  He also exposed the weakness of Rajputs which henceforth resulted in disunity among people especially rulers of India
  4. Mahmud Ghazni destroyed almost all the wealth of the temples in India which deprived of her riches which were preserved over centuries
  5. Also, Ghazni paved the way for the foundation of Muslim empire in India. He exhibited the weakness of military system of Indian rulers which made the later Muslim rulers to establish their stability in India

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(1) Punjab became a part of empire of ghazni. (2)weaknesses of Rajput's was exposed. (3)Mohammad conquests paved the way for the Muslim conquest of India.
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