Mention any four limitations of democracy.

the four limitation are:-
(i)    it requires extensive decision making time. thus, a lot of time is wasted in implementing policies due to debate and decision.
(ii)   it also ignores minority demands most of the time. thus, majority of the population is not brought up to the part.
(iii)  corrupt.
(iv)  does not share much information about government which is in power to the citizens.
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jab tak teri aankh mein boond boond main jal na loon jab tak tere saath me chaand tak chal na loon ha mere saath tum raho jaane ki baat na kaho mere saath tum raho jaane ki baat na kaho ooo hoho ohoho
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1. ignorance of masses leads of election of an unsuitable person to a position of power. this is specially true in rural areas where due to lack of education people are unable to make an informed decision. 2. once in power, politicians or leaders tend to misuse the power bestowed upon them by the common people and may work for their own benefits rather than working for interests of common populace. 3. many democratic countries like USA have a 2 party system. this restricts the choice of people in electing as they have to choose 1 from the 2. 4. leaders try to use unjust means to come to power. they try to divide people on basis of religion, caste etc to secure ther vote bank.
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