Maratha defeated mysore Kingdom in first anglo mysore wars

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1 . The wars between the British and Kingdom of mysore was known was the Anglo mysore wars.
2. First Anglo- mysore war between the British and forces of Hyder Ali who met with little success. However, was defeated by Marathas.
3. The second Anglo mysore war between the British and Hyder was bloody and fierce. The outcome of this war was the Treaty of Mangalore. This treaty was signed by both the parties to even out and return their respective lost land areas.
4. The Third anglo mysore war lasted between Tipu and Britsh for three years and brought defeat to the Indian side despite the alliance with French forces. The outcome of this was was the treaty of Srirangappatanam.


The First Anglo-Mysore war a conflict between Mysore led by Hyder Ali and the British East India Company. The war ended with a peace treaty between Hyder Ali and the British. Following the peace treaty, Hyder attacked the Marathas with the hope that the British will help him. However, the British did not offer any help due to which Hyder lost to the Marathas.

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