"Management is both a science and an art." In the light of the above statement, explain the nature of management.

management is considered as an art because it satisfies all the features of an art which are existance of theoretical  knowledge , personalised application and based on practise and creativity .... it is also considere as an inexact science because it somewhat fulfils the features of science which ate systematised body of knowledge , universal validity and principles based on experimentation therefore we can conclude that  management is both an art as well as science
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Everything you need to know about the nature of management. It is hard to define the nature of management.

Different people look at management differently. While a mathematician defines management as a logical process, a psychologist considers it as an art of understanding human behaviour.

However, such approaches are narrow as they look at a particular aspect of management, thereby, missing to see the subject as a whole

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It's clearly given in the book of RK Singla
You can have a look at your book
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It is true that " Management is both a science and an art ".
It has elements of both science and art :-
--) MANAGEMENT IS A SCIENCE :- Because it has systematised body of knowledge , which can be used to train the prospective and present managers .
Because it deals with application of personal skills which can be improved through constant practice .

Science provide the knowledge and Art deals with the application of knowledge . One cannot become an efficient manager simply with the knowledge of principles . He must evolve creative results through practical knowledge and skills .
Thus , Management is an art and a science are not Mutually exclusive , but are complementary . It means, both are not in contrast to each other and should exist together in every management .
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It means that managememt is having characteristics of art as well as science.Thus,mgmt is both art and science.

As a sciene:
1.systematic body of knowledge
2.universal valadity
3.based on practice and experimentation

As an art:
1.Existence of theoretical knowledge
2.personalised application
3.based on practice and creativity
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According to my view it has both features limited..
It is based upon experiments n systemized body of knowledge so it's science.
N it's an art as it is based upon personal thinking, creative ideas etc
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Management is considered as an inexact science or social science and a perfect art as it requires personal skill, creativity and practice. presently it does not satisfy all the features of profession but it is on the path of becoming a profession
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management is an art by management is an inexact science
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result 2020
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