make a list of all the objects that archaeologists may find. which of these could be made of stone?

    1) Archaeologists unearthed objects like weapons, tools, pans, pots, coins and ornaments.
    2) Of these tools, pans, weapons could be made of stone.

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sickles hunting tools etc.

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The archaelogists may find the tools like-   coins,pots,pans,tools and  weapons.  Tools and weapons could be made up of stones.

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archaeologists may find the following things-tools,weapons,jewelery articles,fossil fuel,vessels,utensils,coins.  tools,weapons,vessels and utensils could be made up of stone.    

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bronze tools , iron tools , iron tools,jewellerys made up of gold , coins , pots etc

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arecheologists may find tools, pots, jewellery and even some monuments or buildings.

tools and pots might have been made up of stones and ofcourse monuments and builds were also made from stones

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 coins inscriptions manuscripts jewellery ornaments pottery idols of god show case pieces

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