Make 2 depositional and 2 erosional landforms of each natural agent.....Also mention some features of them plzz.

Erosional Landforms
The following are some of the major erosional landforms:
Valleys – The valleys made by rivers are erosional landforms. Small and narrow rills gradually develop into long and wide gullies; these gullies further deepen, widen and lengthen to give rise to valleys. Depending upon dimensions and shape, there are various types of valleys like V-shaped valleys, canyons and gorges.
Potholes – Small depressions in the rocky beds of the river valleys are called potholes. They are cylindrical in shape. Potholes are generally formed in coarse-grained rocks such as sandstones and granites.
Depositional Landforms
The major depositional landforms are as follows:
Alluvial fans
Alluvial fans are often found at the foot of mountain ranges. When the streams flow over mountainous slopes, they usually carry a very coarse load. This load is too heavy for the streams to be carried over gentler slopes and gets deposited as a broad low to high cone-shaped deposit known as an alluvial fan. An alluvial fan can be defined as a fan-shaped deposit of gravel, sand and other smaller particles of sediments.
With time, the streams which flow over these fans change their course forming many channels called distributaries.
The Delta is found in the old stage of a river. It is a triangular-shaped landform made up of alluvial deposition in the mouth of the river.
Unlike in alluvial fans, the deposits making up deltas are very well sorted with clear stratification. The coarsest materials settle first and the finer ones like clays and silts are carried out into the sea.

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