Make 2 depositional and 2 erosional landform features of each of
natural agent.....Also,,what are depositional & erosional landforms?

Water, wind, and ice all contribute to the process of eroding the landscape. Water, wind, and other natural forces carry the eroded material away, where it is eventually dumped. Erosion-derived landforms are referred to as erosional landforms, while deposition-derived landforms are referred to as depositional landforms.
Features of depositional landform-
i)There are physical traces of processes that established sediment or stones after they had been transported by moving water, wind, or gravity. 
ii) Beaches, spits, and bars are the most common depositional coastal landforms. These are primarily composed of wave-deposited sediments. Deposition occurs when frictional factors, such as the seabed, vegetation, and other countercurrents, slow wave velocity or ocean currents.

Features of erosional landform-
i)Sea cliffs are the most common formations on erosional coasts. These incredibly steep and nearly vertical bedrock cliffs rise hundreds of meters high. A combination of wave-induced erosion at ocean level and also the eventual crash of rocks at higher altitudes is responsible for their vertical shape.
ii)River valleys, waterfalls, potholes, structural benches, river terraces, river meanders, and ox-bow lakes are some of the notable landforms created by fluvial erosion.

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