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should wizard hit mommy suggests nothing but a generation gap. do you agree with this statement?

Dear student,

The story "should Wizard it mommy' does suggest a generation gap but in the context of maturity and the understanding of life. Jo was a little girl who did not understand the meaning of being natural, adjustment or the importance of maintaining one's originality/ uniqueness. She wanted to have a hunky-dory ending to her story. However, life does not always have a happy ending and at times things do not work as per our choice. This was not understood by Jo and in her opinion, the mother should have been punished for making her child smell bad. However, Jack as a father describes the importance of not messing with nature and tells Jo that the mother Skunk was right. He refuses to change the ending of the story. This tells us that the relationship between children and parents is complex at times due to their difference in opinions but the situation should be handled with a little firmness whenever necessary. In order to teach certain life lessons, the parents have to be strict and act against the wishes of their child, even if the child is incapable of understanding the actions of the parent. 


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