little has moved with time it seems in Firozabad

Firozabad was a place famous for glass making industry. It seemed that the people made glass bangles for all the women. The people worked in very bad conditions. Along with them the children also worked in dingy cells with no proper ventilation , that they lost their eye sights at a very young age. These people had no other option but make bangles for generations as they were  stuck in a perpetual state of poverty. The elders of the family lamented about not able to give their wards a better life.They were under the vicious cycle of the sahukars,the middlemen,the bureaucrats,the policemen and the keepers of law who imposed the baggage on the child and even before he knew he was stuck and had to work in dingy cells with his family. The elders talked about the poverty and the cruel powerful people and the youths lamented about the same. thus nothing changed in Firozabad. The people were in the net of poverty and were not able to come out of it even as generations passed. 

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no developement till many years...........

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