List three ways in which the different geographical location of Kerala and Ladakh regions would influence the following?
?The food people eat
? The clothes they wear
?The work they do

The following points may help you:

a.  Food people eat-  Location, of a state influences culture like Kerala being a coastal region  , their staple diet is fish, rice.
In Ladakh., which is a cold desert where people own yaks, goats etc. and therefore eat milk products, use ghee, butter.

b. Climatic conditions, relief features of a particular area that again influences its culture, clothing habit as compared with people living in plains or near to sea. For example, in Kerala people wear cotton clothes.  Ladakh, being a Cold desert the traditional outfit of Ladakh is Goncha, made from home spun woollen cloth.

c. Like in Ladakh, people graze sheep for wool, wear wool, eat milk, butter, cheese. People own yaks, goats etc. Kerala being a coastal area, people 's main occupation is fishing, fertile land also  provides conducive environment for the growth of rice.


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