list three problems which arise due to construction of big dams. suggest a solution for these problems.

There are certain disadvantages associated with the construction of dams across rivers.

Environmental problems: The construction of dams across rivers leads to deforestation, which results in the 

loss of biodiversity. This creates a disturbance in the natural ecosystem.

Solution: To compensate the deforestation, we should plant more trees.

Social problems: The construction of dams involves the building of large reservoirs. In some cases, constructing a reservoir may result in the flooding of nearby towns and villages. A large number of people are displaced as a direct consequence of the construction of reservoirs. In such cases, the government rehabilitates the people of these areas, which in itself is a huge task.

Solution: Government should provide proper compensation to the affected people.

Economic problems: The construction of dams requires huge amounts of monetary investments. 


A dam becomes profitable if it is used to start generating electricity.

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 There are a number of disadvantages to existing dams:


  • dams detract from natural settings, ruin nature's work
  • dams have inundated the spawning grounds of fish
  • dams have inhibited the seasonal migration of fish
  • dams have endangered some species of fish
  • dams may have inundated the potential for archaeological findings
  • reservoirs can foster diseases if not properly maintained
  • reservoir water can evaporate significantly
  • some researchers believe that reservoirs can cause earthquake

the solutions to thses problems are :

small check dams should be built .. substitutes shouls be think of

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