list the food hunters-gatherers etc.and list some of the foods you eat.Do you notice any similarities and differences.Mentionany five similarities dissimilarities each

Some of the food items consumed by hunter-gatherers include raw meat of animals,raw fish, fruits, roots,nuts, seeds,leaves and eggs.

Some of the food items consumed by us today are fish, eggs ,meat, fruits,milk,nuts etc.


1.Some of the food items such as fruits,nuts etc. which was consumed by hunters-gatherers are also consumed by us.

2.Both hunters- gatherers and present day men consume food to satisfy hunger.

3.Hunters- gatherers killed animals, birds, fish etc. for eating we too kill them for the same purpose.

4.They preserved food for eating further, we too do the same thing.

5.Food was necessary for them to survive, it is also necessary for us to survive as well.


1.The hunters- gatherers mainly ate raw food items but we eat cooked food.

2.They hunted wild animals, birds etc and consumed the raw meat. We too kill animals but specific ones and eat the meat of these animals by cooking various dishes.

3.They hunted and gathered food but we need not hunt or gather them. We simply have to buy them.

4.The food items they consumed were not selective because they did not know what to eat and what not to eat. But we select food items according to our tastes.

5.They consumed directly from nature but we cook and process food items according to our needs and tastes.

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