List out the happenings the speaker is worried about.

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The speaker is worried about some of the happenings like:
What if he was dumb in the school, what if they had closed the swimming pool, what if he got beaten up, what if he started to cry up, what if there was poison in his cup, what if he got sick and die, what if he flunked that test, what if green hair grew on his chest, what if nobody liked him, what if a bolt of lightning struck him, what if he didn’t grow taller, what if his head started getting smaller, what happens if fish wouldn’t bite, what if the wind tore up his kite, what if they started a war, what happens if his parents got divorced, what if the bus was late, what happens if his teeth didn’t grow in straight, what happens if he tore his pants, and what if he never learnt to dance.

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