List out all the personal , real and nominal accounts

 1) PERSONAL ACCOUNT: In this type of category, accounts of natural persons, artifical persons and representaties persons are grouped

a) Natural Person: Natural persons mean human beings. Hence, in this type of catergory, accounts of human beings are involved. For exaplem Ram's Account, Debtors' Account, Creditor's Account, Proprietor's Drawings Account etc

b) Artificial Persons:Artificial persons are those who are not human but they can work like humans. In the eyws of law, they are competent to enter into an agreement like any human being.. For Example, Mohan & Company, Corporate Body, Bank, Society and Government Bodies

c) Representative Bodies: In this type, accounts represennting persons or groups are included. When Nominal accounts become Outstanding, accrued or prepaid, they are called representative persons. For Example, Salary Outstanding Account, Prepaid Rent Account.


Impersonal Accounts are those accounts which are not personal accounts.. The can be categorised into i) real account ii) Nominal Account

a) Real Account: Accounts of tangible and intangible properties and possession ae included in real Account.

It can be further subdivided into 

i) Tangible Real Accounts: Tangible real accounts comprise fo those thing which can be seen or touched. For Example, Stock, Cash, Machine, Building, Furniture

ii) Intangible real accounts: Intangible real accounts comprise fo those thing which cannot be seen or touched. For Example, Goodwill, Copyright, Tademark.


Accounts which are related to Expenses, Losses, Income, Gains of the business are known as nominal account.For Example, Rent, Salary, Commission, Interest, Discount

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