list one major difference between manuscripts and inscription

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manuscripts they are usually written on palm leaf

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u r right @shehriyar & inscriptions r written on stone

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Manuscripts  are  usually  written  by  hand  on  palm  leaves  while  inscriptions  are  written  on  hard  surfaces  like  a  rock  or  a  metal.

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1)manuscripts are written on palm leaf or on the specially prepared by the bark of a tree known as the birch but the inscriptions are written on relatively hard surfaces such as stone and metal.                                                           2)manuscripts can be destroyed easily but inscriptions can't be destroyed easily.                                                       3)these manuscripts dealt with religions,belief and practices,medicines and science but the inscriptions dealt with king's orders and records of victories in battle.

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 manuscipts are written on palm leaf and incriptions are written on the walls of the temple

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 Manuscripts are written by hand on the palm leaf or speacialy prepared brach of the tree but Inscriptions are written on the hard surface like-stone.

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[a]-these were written on leaves and barks of trees.

[b]- manuscripts are old books .that give hand written accounts.

inscriptions-inscripts are engraved from of writing

[a]-used for various porpoches.

these were written on hard surfaces. 

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There are several ways of finding out about the past. One is to search for and read books that were written long ago. These are callled manuscripts, because they were written by hands(this comes from the Latin word "manu" meaning hand). They were ussally written on palm leaf or on the specially prepared bark of a tree knows as the brich, which is grown in the himalays. Over the years, many manuscripts were eatan away by incescts, some were destroyed, but many have survievrd, often preserved in the temples and monastries.

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