list of strong field and weak field ligands....??

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answer is in page no 251 of ncert chemistry part 1 for more details abot it u can refer j d lee

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 not order.....categorise them!

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on what bases we can divide the ligands into strong ligand and weak ligand?

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 Yes, somebody categorize please!

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Strong field ligands: CN- 

Weak field ligands: Cl-  CO  H2O  F-  C2O4-  NH3 

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 strong ligands       co,cn-,en,NH3,edta4-

weak field ligand     i,br,SCN,cl,f,H2O,oh-

hey catherine NH3 is a strong ligand as it forces bonding in compound      co(nh3)6  3+

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I2332O422O 3CN pyridine) 3ethylenediamine) 2,2'-bipyridine) phenanthroline) 23

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here is a good answer u will find it easy to remeber

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h20 is a weak ligand and after that the rest are strong ligands.
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Legand with doner side C,N are strong field, other than these are weak field
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