list major differences between manuscript and inscriptions.

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MANUSCRIPT:-a written,typewritten,or computer produced text before being set in type.

INSCRIPTIONS:-Something inscribed as a word or words carved on stone or other hard surface.

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Manuscripts are writings which were written on easily perishable surfaces like palm leaves or birch barks.

Inscriptions are inscribed on relatively hard surfaces like stones or metals

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Manuscripts-Handwritten accounts of contemporary events or a piece of literary work is called manuscripts.These were usually written on the bark of birch tree and palm leaves.  Inscription-are usually written on hard surfaces like stone,metal,pillars etc.

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  • the word manuscript comes from the latin word manu which means hand and script means letters
  • these were usually written on palm leaf or a specially prepared bark of a tree known as the Birch 
  • writting on a relatively hard surfaces such as stones or metals are called inscriptions
  • they are imperishable and can survive for a long time
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the major difference between manu script and inscriptions are - 

  • manuscripts were written mostly on the bark of a birch tree
  • inscripts were CARVED on stones

and due to the above mentioned reasons the inscriptions have survived and archeologists have found a number of them whereas the manuscripts have been mostly eaten up by the insects so we dont have much manuscripts by now.

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did manuscripts were written only on bark of birch tree

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