List 5 contributiond made by Sardar Vallabhai Patel towards the formation of Modern India. ​​

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a. Sardar Vallabhai Patel rightly regarded as Iron man of India was  great nationalist and a visionary.
b. An active member of INC, Patel organised and actively participated in several agitations and protests.
c. He participated in Gandhi's satyagraha movement and endorsed non violent form of struggle.
d. Patel stood for equality and was against caste based discrimination.
e. He also stood for women empowerment and supported women based reforms in order to improve their position in the society.
f.As a ​sanitation commissioner of Ahemedabad , Patel realised the importance of sanitation as key to nation's development and provided services like drainage, electricity.
g. Patel also endorsed many educational reforms.
h. He was secular in his outlook and talked of embracing all faith and religion.
i. His most important role has been with regard to integration of Princely states, where he used his wisdom,diplomacy and knowledge  to prevent further disintegration of the country.
j. Serving as the First Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, Patel played an exceptional role in bringing about peace and providing relief to the refugees  impacted by Partition.


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