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Showing Animals Respect and Kindness:


Many people want pets. And there are a lot of pets out there looking for good homes. But people tend to overlook those that may need it the most. They kind of already label many rescued animals as “damaged goods”. People worry that they can’t become as good as pets as others, that they won’t be as social, or as playful, or as lovable. This article hopes to prove them wrong and to give a voice to the animals that need one.

People worry that these dogs don’t have the social skills needed to be a pet. They are concerned that because of past abuses the dogs will become anti-human and can turn quickly on their masters or strangers. Most importantly is the concern that these dogs could harm children.

There is no certainty that any dog will or will not harm someone. Just because they have had bad experiences doesn’t mean they are going to be cruel pets. It is like that with humans too. We are not destined to become good or bad people because of our pasts. It’s who we are because of many things that allow us to follow on certain paths. Dogs are like that. They either will have a personality that is more capable of love, or one that is more defensive and unsociable.

The level of abuse and inhumane treatment can give some insight to a dog. It doesn’t necessarily determine their capabilities of being a pet though. Obviously the more abuse the dog has received, the more unsociable it will be to begin with. Whether or not this wall can be broken will be determined by the new owner’s dedication and the dog’s own personality. Even the most ill-treated dog can become the best friend a person will need in a pet.

My dog is a rescued dog. She was abused as a puppy and got her when she was only a few weeks old. She was probably younger than the age minimal to be given away as a pet, but there weren’t many options for her. She still has a scar on her head to remind us of how she was treated almost seven years ago. Even still, she has turned out to be the most lovable dog I have known.

It is different with her and for some dogs because they are puppies at the time. They won’t quite remember the experience and are still changing so that they can get more adjusted to humans. They won’t hold back as much. My dog is very playful and loves people. She will make friends with any stranger as long as they give her the attention needed to become friends. She’s always there to lift someone’s spirit up when they are sad or to make them smile when they are bored.

For older dogs that are rescued, it’s not always that same happy story. They don’t have the energy that puppies do and have a harder time warming up to strangers. They aren’t lost causes though. They still can be very affectionate and friendly. It just may take a bit longer. But it takes time anyways no matter what kind of dog or past they had. Bonds aren’t created in seconds. Time and effort create the bonds over weeks of getting to know each other. An older rescued dog isn’t a lost cause. It’s a good cause to give the dog a home it deserves and not let it live out the rest of its life alone and unloved.

Rescued dogs are often times looked down upon because people view they don’t have the right upbringing or genetics to be the perfect vet. It’s this same snobbish and high-class attitude that creates many problems in the world. It doesn’t work that way. These dogs are creatures that not only deserve to be love but are capability of giving that love back tenfold. Like any person or creature that is welcomed into a loving family after an abusive past, they are much more grateful for that have and how they are treated.

There are so many pets out there that go unloved and treated for. Still people try to breed purebreds, perfect pets, specifically raised pets, etc. We are only furthering the overpopulation of pet animals. More people should give rescued animals a chance they deserve and realize just how wonderful of a friend any animal can be.


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