Justify why india is a `Land of colours '

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India is a land of symbolic colours. It is the expression of the faith and the various beliefs that people hold.
In a culturally diverse country like India, it is the common expressions of colour that hold together the multitudes of outlooks, lifestyles, and traditions.
Colours controls every aspect of life in India, be it religion, politics, festivals, or celebrations. 

Significance of some of the colours in the life of Indian people :

--Black symbolises evil, negativity, anger, darkness, absence of energy and death.
--White is the absence of color.It is the acceptable cpolour at funerals and ceremonies that mark death in the family.
--Red symbolises fertility and prosperity as can be seen during the wedding where the bride is decked in brilliant hues of red. It is also used widely in prayer ceremonies and offerings. 

--The festival of Holi which is also known as the festival of colours is celebrated all over india. It brings together people from all classes and age groups, who play with colours, dance and sing, and distribute sweets. The various colours symbolise love and brotherhood.

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India is a land of colours. It has many festivals with colours associated with each festival like yellow for vasant Panchmi and bright colours for Diwali. Red colours is common is marriages. Also, people make rangolis. Another fact is that Indians wear colorful dresses, unlike many countries. 
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it is called the land of colours because it has different kinds of topographical features like desserts, plateaus,etc
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India is a land of color. Rich, saturated color. Everywhere you turn, more color, richer, more dazzling than before. For the Hindu, colors play a very important role in the religion and culture and have a very deep significance, much more than just decorative. In essence, color is a large part of the Indian consciousness.

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