Justify the title ' Adventures of the Toto' [in 100-150 words]

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The story 'Adventures of Toto' revolves around the incorrigible monkey called Toto. Toto was a very naughty monkey. He troubled everyone and when he was kept in the stable, he bit the donkey's ears. He decided to sit in a kettle of boiling water one day. He loved tearing things and whenever one of the narrator's aunt came near, he would tear her dress. He broke dishes and tore curtains and in the end the narrator's grandfather had to sell him back to the tonga-driver for three rupees. Thus, the title of the story is appropriate.


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the story of a monkey as a pet in narrator's family. The family of the narrator has a enjoyable experience firstly.Then after narrator family was annoyed .Therefore,Toto was returned back to the Tonga driver from where he was brought .
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