Justify the statement in the picture. Explain it historically and provide simplified description.:

In the last years of his reign Akbar was distracted by the rebellion of Prince salim, the future Emperor Jahangir. 

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The following points may help you:

  a.Akbar has been considered the greatest Mughal emperor  who expanded his kingdom to a great extent .

b. Akbar established a centralized system of administration  and  laid the foundation of a strong system  taking different communities within its fold.

c.  He followed a policy of diplomacy and matrimonial alliances with other kingdoms in order to establish close ties with conquered rulers

d. It is true that Prince Salim was anxious to get the throne and distracted his father in his last years of  reign.

e. Being trained in both military and civil administration , Salim emerged as an able officer and launched a successful expedition in Kabul.

f. Desperate for throne Salim , got Akbar's friend Abul Fazl killed.

g. This disturbed Akbar, who later passed on the throne to Jahangir due to absence of a strong successor.

h. In this entire politics of power, authority, Prince Salim made anxious efforts to get the throne which certainly  disturbed and distracted Akbar.


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