Just like cerebral cortex,, is cerebral medulla also a part of cerebrum or is it a part of medulla oblongata


By cerebral medulla, we are actually referring to the cells that surround both the cerebral hemispheres as well as the medulla oblongata. 
Cerebral Cortex is the outer layer of cells covering the cerebral hemispheres of brain. It is also called ‘grey matter” due to its greyish appearance, imparted by the high concentration of neuron cell bodies.

The brain is a part of the central nervous system which helps us to think and coordinates various functions of our body. Brain consists of three parts:
1) Fore-brain: Fore-brain further consists of:
  • Cerebrum: The cerebrum constitutes the major portion of fore brain and is responsible for thought and action of the body.
  • Hypothalamus: Hypothalamus controls the pituitary gland and is responsible for the realisation of thirst and hunger.
  • Thalamus: Thalamus regulates the consciousness and sleep of the individual.

2) Mid-brain:
Mid brain consists of tectum and tegmentum. They control the auditory and visual system of the individual. The movement of eye is also controlled by midbrain.

3) Hind-brain:
The Hind brain consists of pons, cerebellum and medulla oblongata.
  • Cerebellum is responsible for coordination and adjustment of movement and posture.
  • Pons regulate respiration.
  • Medulla oblongata regulates swallowing, coughing, sneezing and vomiting.

Medulla Oblongata is the structure found in the human brain. The major function of Medulla Oblongata is to control autonomic functions (that are not in human control) like breathing, respiration, heart Beat. It is also involved in body secretion, reflexes, swallowing, coughing and sneezing actions. Since Medulla Oblongata performs various functions critical to the body, damage to this structure can be fatal. 

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