Jaa ahahah ayhaga


For solving these type of questions, that is to check bond energy/strength, you have to first look breaking of the bonds creates any unstable compound. For ex. in the above question, Hb-C bond breaks, it results to the formation of a carbocation on the double bond, which makes the compound unstable. So, C-Hb has highest bond energy. 
Next, you have to check if breaking of the bond forms any stable carbocation. They will easily break the bond to attain that stable structure. So, their bond energy will be less. For ex in the above compound Ha-C, Hc-C, Hd-C on breaking form stable carbocation. C-Hd breakage will form the most stable carbocation since, it involves conjugation and hyperconjugation. Hence, C-Hd bond has least bond energy. Between Ha and Hc, Ha involves in conjugation where as Hc doesn't. Hence, C-Ha bond energy is less than that of C-Hc bond energy.
Therefore correct answer is (b) Hb>Hc>Ha>Hd

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