it is agreed that:
1. A is to take over furniture at Rs. 8000 and debtors amounting to Rs. 2 lakh at 182000, the creditors of 60000 to be paid buy him at this figure.
2. B is to take all the stock at 70000 and some of the sundry assets at 72000 ( being 10% less than book value )
3. C is to take over the remaining sundry assets at 90% of book value, Less 1000 as discount and assume the responsibility for discharge of loan together with accrued interest of 300 which has not been recorded in books.
4. the expenses of dissolution were 2700. the remaining debtors were sold to a debt collecting agency for 50% of book value.
5. 40000 has to be paid for workmen compensation.
prepare realization account, capital account and bank account...

dear student 

NOTE: bank account is taken as Rs. 22,000. please check your question it must be RS.22,000 as by taken it as 52,000 the total of debit side and credit side of cash account will not match.

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