is there is any relationship between number of ovule in the ovary and the number of seed present in the fruit??????????????

yes bcoz after fertilisation ovules bcom seeds

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no. of seeds =no. of ovules

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If all the ovules in the ovary gets fertilised, all of tehm develop into seed inside the fruit.

so, no of seeds=nof of ovules fertilised.

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Since,After fertilisation ovule develops into seed.So, No. of ovules in an ovary = No. of seed in a fruit
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As after fertilisation, ovules are developed into when all ovules present in ovary aget fertilised..then no. of ovules will be equal to no. seeds present there
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#Aswathi u r absolutely write 😊
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Yes, a seed is a fertilized ovule that has matured. So, if fertilization success is perfect, the relationship between the number of seeds and ovules is 1:1. Often, some ovules remain unfertilized, and do not develop into seeds. ... For example, in apples, there is a correlation between fruit size and number of seeds.
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No of ovules =or > no of seeds(some ovules havent been fertilised)
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Yes both are equal .....ovules after maturation forms seeds
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