Is there any trick to learn the atomic numbers of all elements??

The easy way to memorize the periodic table is to use your creativity and make stories. For example, while remembering the elements of group 13, Boron, Aluminum, Gallium, Indium and Thallium, use the initials and you get BAGIT. BAGIT is easy to remember.

Again for group 14 elements, (Carbon, Silicon, Germanium, Tin and Lead) Carbon and Silicon chips made dirty with germs, tin and lead.

Hope this gives you an idea on how to proceed. Best of luck!

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no but u can do this is that learn symboles and then their no.s


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yes you have to learn only this sentence

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it can help you learn atomic no. from 1-9 where i had hlighted there symbols for example in hrithik i had highlighted H which is a sybol for hydrogen with atomic no.1 if you liked it and want some more then give your review and comments.

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thanx jagriti.

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