Is there any trick 2 learn periodic table?

The best way is to learn by writing and practicing. Learn and write the names and chemical symbols of all the elements for every group three to four times and you will be thorough with them. That way, you will remember more clearly and not end up getting confused. The more you practice, the more confident you become.

Start with the s-block elements first. Then try to learn the p-block elements groupwise. Then take up the d-block elements and the f-block elements.


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Yes, you can learn periodic table very easily !

It has some short cuts in groups :

1) Hai Lina Ki Rab Se Fariyad

which shows - H Li Na Ki Rb Cs Fr

2) Beta Mange Car Scroo Bap Rahees

which shows - Be Mg Cr Sc Ba Ra

if you are still not able to remember then follow the following link !

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1.  H  Li  Na  K  Rb  Cs  Fr

  HaLiNa Ki Rab Se Feryad

2.  Be  Mg  Ca  Sr  Ba  Ra

  Beta Mange Car Scooter Bap Roye

3.  B  Al  Ga  In  Tl

  BAl  Gan(In)gadhar  Tilak

4.  C  Si  Ge  Sn  Pb

  CaSi(kashi) GeiSan(jaisan) Pavitra

5.  N  P  As  Sb  Bi

 No PAss Sabka Bikas(vikas)

6.  O  S  Se  Te   Po

 OS Se Tera Pol khol dunga

7.  F  Cl  Br  I  At

 i think this one is well known to everyone and needs no further memory aid

8.  He  Ne  Ar  Kr  Xe  Rn

  He Neta Aur Karo Xen(jan) jagRan

9.  Sc  Ti  V  Cr  Mn  Fe  Co  Ni  Cu  Zn

  Scutii Vkraman Feconi Cuzn

10. Y  Zr  Nb  Mo  Tc  Ru  Rh  Pd  Ag  Cd

  Yari  Zara Nibha Mot Tak Ruh Rah Pade Aag Me Cud Za

11.  Ti  Zr  Hf Rf

 TiZori Haaf ke Rafoo ho gaya

12.  V Nb  Ta  Db

 Vawani Nab Tara Debi

13.  Cu Ag Au

   Cutte(Kutte) ke poonch mein Aag LagAu.

14.  Ni  Pd  Pt  Ds

  Nikal Pade Patna Dur se


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