is the demand for the following elastic, highly elastic, moderate elastic or completely inelastic? give reasons
1. demand for needles
2. demand for petrol
3. demand for textbooks
4. demand for seasonal vegetables
5. demand for milk

Dear Student,

1) Demand for needles is inelastic because a very small proportion of consumer's income is spent on it.
2) Demand for petrol is moderately elastic because petrol does not have many substitutes.
3) Demand for textbooks is inelastic because the students have to buy them regardless of the increase in their price.
4) Demand for seasonable vegetables is inelastic because it is a necessary good.
5) Demand for milk is elastic because it can be used for several purposes. If its price increases, then it will be used only for important purposes leading to a drastic fall in its demand and vice- versa.

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