Is limitations of controlling included in the syllabus?

Although CBSE has not issued any circulars in which it has explicitly mentioned the exclusions of these (below-mentioned) topics, but on comparing the last two years syllabus with that of 2014, we have tabulated the additions and the exclusions as below.





1. Nature and Significance of management

Concept of Coordination

No Deletion

2.Principles of Management

No Addition

No Deletion

3. Management and Business Environment

Concept of business environment

Economic environment in India

4. Planning

Single use and standing plans


Features of planning

5. Organising

No Addition

No Deletion

6. Staffing

Induction training

Methods of Training: Coaching, Job rotation,class room lectures, films, case study, computer modelling, programmed instruction

7. Directing

Leadership: Styles-authoritative, democratic and laissez faire


Communication: How to overcome barriers of communication?

Qualities of a good leader

8. Controlling

No addition

Techniques of controlling: Budgetary control

9. Financial Management

Financial decisions: Investment, Financing and dividend

Importance of financial management

10. Financial Markets

Stock exchange: Depository Services and Demat Account


11. Marketing Management

Concept of product

Role of promotion

Qualities of a good salesman

Public relations: Concept and role

Concept of physical distribution

Marketing and Selling

Role of marketing

Classification of product

Importance of personal selling

Elements and functions of physical distribution

Merits and limitations of sales promotion

Publicity-Concept and importance


12. Consumer Protection

Who can file a complaint and against whom?

Redressal machinery

remedies available

No deletion

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