Is journal. Ledger and subsidiary book are maintain by an non profit organisation

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As per law,
These organizations have to prepare receipts and payments account as well as Income and Expenditure account and balance sheet.
Journal and other subsidiary books are not necessary or mandatory, however, in order to prepare Income and expenditure account, they need to maintain proper records of all the expenses and therefore they usually prepare subsidiary books also because it helps in maintenance of proper accounts and preparation of final accounts of an NPO.


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the clear answer is NO. as not for profit organisations does not ascertain profit... n these journal n ledger r prepared to ascertain profit.
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They have an option to prepare all these but section 8 of co act 2013 recomondes not nccessary to prepare all they prepare income ex, recipt payment ....bcz they also earn profit but not distrube profit in there members. See my free videos on youtube Real education a vision and mission Rohan aggarwal 813032247 CA final, mcom, DU
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