Is it right to kill an animal? Give reasons for your answer

Hope this reasoning helps as the answer to this question would differ from student to student. 

It is definitely not right to kill an animal. It is just as sinful as killing another fellow being. All are creations of God and only because human beings are blessed with intellect, they are not given the right to slaughter animals. Certain religions practice offering sacrifice but ethically this is very wrong and such kind of practice should be abolished. (to be continued based on your own discretion.)

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I would give my life for a dieing animal.

Because my whole life haste revolved around animals!

I feel the need to make animals happy and healthy.

I understand that humans are more important then animals.

And If it was someone other than me yes I would kill an animal to feed them.

I would feel better about it if it were a cow or a pig not a cat or a dog tho!

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