is egg veg or non-veg and why ?

There is a raging controversy about whether egg (considering eggs that do not have embryos or are unfertilized) is a vegetarian food or non –vegetarian. According to some people as egg is of animal origin, so should be regarded as non-vegetarian while according to others,unfertilzed egg is a vegetarian food since it is not obtained by killing of animals and does not consist of any animal part.

 So, the term vegetarian and non- vegetarian seems to be erroneous and new terms are assigned as follows:

a) People who avoid all foods of animal origin including milk and dairy products are called VEGANS OR STRICT VEGETARIANS.

b) People who include dairy products in their diets are called LACTO VEGETARIANS.

c) People who eat eggs in addition to plant foods are called OVO VEGETERIANS.

d) People who consume both dairy products and eggs are called LACTO-OVO VEGETERIAN.

e) People who consume animals as well like in the formod chicken, mutton well- NON-VEGETARIANS

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