Is egg a living or non-living thing?

The answer to this question is contradictory. If the egg is fertilized, it forms a zygote cell and is alive but remains in inactive state till hatched. The egg we get from a grocery shop is not alive as it is unfertilised egg. After hatching, the egg cell divides, grows and produces chick. These are the properties of living organism, so fertilised egg can be considered as living.

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If it is fertilised it is living, the one we get from market it not fertilised.

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The answer to this one is tough. however, i think that the egg shell itself is not alive because it is just calcium carbonate. Whats inside however, if the egg was fertilized, is alive. The kind of egg you get at the grocery store, are not alive, as there is not a living bired inside. Look at it this way... a baby in a mothers uterus is alive soon as blood starts pumping thrugh its body. Proibably the same thing goes for eggs.

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