Is cutting paper a reversible change or a irreversible change? Can you tape the cutten paper into the original substance?!

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There occurs hot debate on this question. Let me explain this to all of you.

A reversible change is the one in which a substance that is undergoing the change can be recovered in its original form.Whereas the change in which a substance that is undergoing the change cannot be re-obtained is known as an irreversible change.

Now coming back to the question;

The cutting of a paper is an irreversible change since once you cut a sheet of paper you cannot re-obtain the complete sheet. Even if in case you tape the sheet it cannot not compete with the original one.

Please note that reversible and irreversible changes should not be confused with the physical and chemical changes.

Physical changes usually involve changes in the physical properties of a substance. In chemical changes the chemical properties of the substance change and a new product is formed.

We can also say that all reversible changes are physical changes but all physical changes are not reversible. So cutting a paper is a physical change while burning a paper is a chemical change. Both of these changes cannot be reversed.

Hope the doubt is clear to all of you. If there remains any further query get back to us. We will be happy to help you.


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it is reversible because the properties of the paper is not lost. 

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it is irreversible

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no, your wrong. the property is not lost.a object is called irreversible it's properties are lost. 

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man u also recognize that object is called reversible when it makes new properties .

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Cutting of paper is an irreversible change.

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cutting of paper is an irreversible change.

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