Is balanced budget and achievement of the government. if yes then why if no then why not?

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Balance budget means "Government receipt =Government expenditure". it is good,but now days every government try to make deficit budget  for doing more social welfare of its citizens. No government will prefer to make surplus budget ,it means government reduce expenditure on welfare of society.and no government can run for longer  time by  avoiding social welfare of society.

A balanced budget is also not always a good budget because of following reasons  
- it does not promote economic growth  
- it does not provide any solution to the problem of unemployment  .

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It Would Require the Federal Government to?Balance?Its?BudgetEvery Year. The federal?budget?deficit is a record high $1.6 trillion?more than 10 percent of the nation's entire ouput, or Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We face such an enormous deficit because we spend too much, not because we tax too little.
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