Intext Question 2 from History (Chapter 2;NCERT)
Write a note on the district administration under the British rule. 

It can be understood as:
 Presidencies were the administrative units during the British rule.Some Presidencies were Bengal, Madras and Bombay.These were ruled by a Governor. The supreme head was the Governor General.

The Collector was an important figure in the administration whose main task was to collect revenue, taxes and maintain law and order in the respective districts.

A new system of justice emerged from 1772 where there existed two courts, i.e, a criminal court and a civil court in a district.The district collectors who presided over the civil courts were attended to by the Indian Maulavis and Pandits, who interpreted Indian laws.

Criminal courts were under the Qazis and muftis but supervised by collectors. A Supreme Court was established under vthe Regulating Act of 1773 and a court of appeal was set up in Calcutta.

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