In the diagram shown. the identical wires P 1 Q 1 , and  P 2 Q 2 are made to slide on the rails with same speed of 5 cm/s. In this region a magnetic field of 1T exists. The electric current in 9 ohm resistor is 

A. Zero if both wires slide towards left 
B. Zero if both wires slide in opposite diredion 
C. 0.2 mA if both wires move towards right 
D 0.05 mA if both wires move in opposite direction 

induced EMF E=BVL=1*0.05*0.04=0.002 volt .now two batteries are in parallel with their internal reistances 2 ohm.combined the two battery equivalent is 0.002 v with 1ohm resistance .i=0.0029+1=0.2 mA if both wire moves towards right or left.option C is correct .when two wires in opposite direction the current is zero .Regards 

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answer is B
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