In [Ni(CO)4] the Oxidation State of Ni is zero then why and how the coordination compound is formed ?

Ni  in [Ni(CO)4]  is in zero oxidation state. This does not mean that it does not accepts a pair of electrons from ligand and forms coordinate bond.
Actually it is a d-block element and consists of vacant d orbitals which accepts the pair of electrons from the Carbonyl molecules and forms coordinate bond and hence coordination complex of Ni.
Ground state electronic configuration of Ni :
In Ni(CO)4, Ni is in the zero oxidation state i.e., it has a configuration of 3d84s2.

CO is a strong field ligand. Therefore, it causes the pairing of unpaired 3d electrons. Also, it causes the 4s electrons to shift to the 3d orbital, thereby giving rise to sp3 hybridization.

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