in my school there is one working model in business for any ncert topic for exhibition plzz give me a suggestion ang send picture also?

If you are asking about any topic for exhibition on the subject of Business Studies, then you can present a flowchart on the topic of “Management” or “Formation of Company”.

To make your exhibition project more interesting, you can make a presentation on international trade relations and its cause and affect analysis. Under this you can talk about how trade takes place and how strong and big companies exploit small scale producers. The pros and cons of MNCs. Hoe environment is getting affected.

After analyzing, all plus points and negatives, you can suggest or question the audience how to proceed with international trade.!!


All the best!!

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bank is the nice topic for exibition because i also made model on it only before one but i am sorry i can't send you apic to related to this model because i dont' know about it more

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can u tell me a website which i have search plzzz tell me.......?

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