in eg12 why angle QAP=angle QBP? explain

in eg12 why angle QAP=angle QBP? explain EXA i" Q. A V, , ) be tw o circles. fig. 16.73 Since PQ is a common chord Of two congruent circles. Therefore, arc arc.ö@ ZQAP-LQBP — 7 Thus, in åQAB, we have ZQ,4P ZQBP EXAMPLE13 Prove thatofall thechords"circlethrougha given

Dear Student,
The two angles are equal due to the theorem, "Equal arcs subtend equal angles on the circumference of a circle" and here, since the two circles are congruent, the angles QAP and QBP are also equal.
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?QPA and ?QPB are congruent.So by cpctc......
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