in each line of the passage,underline the pronoun using self and state whether it is reflexive or emphatic pronoun.

1.i decided to throw a party for myself. must invite your friends yourself.

3.i called up my friends and they all arrived with something they had made themselves.

4.larry brought asketch that he had made himself.

5.simi said,she had herself baked the delicious cookies she had brought.

6.meenu gave me a stuffed monkey with its tail wrapped round itself.

7.someone suggested that we should give ourselves a pat on our backs for the fun we were having.

8.timmy my dog got so excited with all the noise that he barked himself silly till mother locked him out.

Here are your answers:

1. myself: reflexive pronoun

2. yourself : emphatic pronoun

3. themselves: emphatic pronoun

4. himself: emphatic pronoun

5. herself: emphatic pronoun

6. itself: reflexive pronoun

7. ourselves: reflexive pronoun

8. himself: emphatic pronoun

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