imagine you are journeying through a desert write a couple of paragraph describing what you see and hear

Dear Student,
During my travels across the cold icy desert of Siberia, I had some unique experiences. All I could see was a vast sea of whiteness against the dark Arctic sky. The region experiences six months of day and six months of night because of the earth's tilt about its own axis. Here and there were some coniferous trees and houses were few and far between because of the sparse population in the rough conditions where the summer temperatures are between - 4 and - 5 Celsius. Strong icy winds sweep across the Siberian desert at speeds of 60 to 90 kmph add to the woes produced by excessive cold and the lack of proper food sources.

The major food sources are the meat of wild animals, particularly antelopes, seals and otters. Vegetables are almost unthinkable because they cannot be grown in Siberia and are too expensive to be brought from outside. Also, drinking too much of water can cause hypothermia. So, to keep the body warm, the Siberians always depend upon alcohols of different types. Fresh water is absolutely scarce because the nearest water-bodies are also frozen by now. So the only prudent manner of getting pure water is to melt the collected balls of ice.
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we will see some cactus . the plants with have spine . we will see sand all around . at day time the desert will be very hot and humid . at night time the desert will be very cold . we will see there desert snake and desert rat and much more ...
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